Low Water Pressure

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Low Water Pressure

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Whether it is a residential property or a commercial one, water pressure can be a problem. Owning or managing a commercial property such as hotels means that you need to provide your guests with the best service. Similarly, in places such as restaurants, schools and even homes, dripping faucets can decrease the pressure of water.

Water pressure is incredibly important to keep your business at success. At JPI Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we have solutions for every problem that causes low water pressure. It is important that you know the plumbing problems in your home and have the ability to detect them and call the experts.

Here are 2 main reasons why your property might have low water pressure:

Water valve

One of the most common problems that causes low water pressure is when the wrong water valve has been opened. If someone recently turned the water valve on and off, then the valve might not be open all the way. This might be the underlying cause behind the low water pressure. If the water valve is not properly opened, all you need to do is open the valve. However, if the valve is broken, do not try to correct or repair it yourself. Call the experts.

Water leaks

Dripping faucets or water leaks can also be a reason behind the low water pressure. Even a small crack in the water pipes can cause a huge problem as all the water will not make it to the shower or the faucet. To find out if a pipe is leaking, you need to shut off the main water supply and take note of the meter reading. Check the meter reading again in the two hours. If the reading has increased, then a water pipe is leaking. To repair the pipe, you will need to call the experts.

If you experience low water pressure and the above mentioned causes do not seem to be the reasons behind it, then it might be because of the city. You can call your local water supply company and inquire if you have any problem. Our experts make sure that all your commercial and residential plumbing problems are solved straightaway. 

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