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With the advent of technology, you have a plethora of different options for heating your homes.

Options such as solar-powered heating, traditional furnace heaters, radiant heating systems, and more. The radiant heating system is one of the best options on the market. If you’re considering installing a radiant heating system in your home or business, there are certain factors you need to be aware of. Factors such as energy efficiency, comfort, and cost. You also need to consult the most reliable radiant heating system specialists throughout the greater New York/New Jersey area.

At JPI Plumbing & Heating, Inc. of NY and NJ, we provide all of our clients with expert commercial and residential plumbing & heating services to best suit your needs. Learn more about Radiant Heating and the benefits of getting it expertly installed below.

What Is A Radiant Heating System?
With a Radiant Heating System, heat is produced and then transferred underneath the floor of your home. Usually, the heat rises from the floor and moves upwards across the house. This is not a new heating concept! In fact, it dates back to Roman times, where the wealthy and elite would have wood-burning fires fanned underneath the floors of their home’s.

Types Of Radiant Heating Systems
Typically, there are two types of radiant heating systems, such as electric and hydronic.

Electric radiant heating. This type of system uses electric wires.

Hydronic radiant heating. This type of system has hot water tubes that are used to run underneath the home’s floors.

Well, both electric and hydronic radiant heating systems are different from each other. Electric radiant heating systems are not only easy but also affordable to install. They are however, also a bit more expensive to operate. For this reason, they are more suitable for installation in smaller areas such as bathrooms. On the contrary, hydronic radiant heating systems are more expensive, along with being more difficult to install than an electric system. That said however, the best thing about the hydronic radiant heating system is that they won’t cost as much to operate in the long run. That alone makes them an ideal choice for many larger spaces.

Benefits Of Using Radiant Heating System
There are plenty of advantages of choosing a radiant heating system over a traditional furnace or other home heating option. Unlike radiant heating systems however, a furnace can’t produce heat from underneath the floors. As a result, the floors remain cold during those harsh winter days. Some of the benefits of using radiant heating systems in your home include the following.

They Are Energy Efficient. Although the initial installation costs of radiant heating is comparatively higher than that of many other heating options, the monthly savings that come with this are significant as well. Homeowners with a radiant heating system generally experience savings upwards of around 40% on their energy bills!

They Are Sound Free. Another major advantage of installing radiant heating systems is that they are almost noiseless. Unlike other traditional heating systems, you will not experience any sound while turning your vents on or off throughout the day. No more noisy radiators!

They Are Allergy Friendly. People with any types of allergies must install radiant heating systems in their establishments. This is because, they don’t involve duct work, which means no spreading of dust and other allergens through air vents in the house. You’ll be getting a cleaner and easier environment to breath easy in!

They Save You From Cold Feet. As previously mentioned, radiant heating systems help provide you with a warmer floor even in the coldest conditions. Unlike traditional systems, you can say “goodbye to cold feet” by installing a radiant heating system today!

Consistent Temperature. With radiant heating installation, warm air rises below the floor, making radiant heating the best way to offer a consistent temperature throughout the home day in and day out!

If you’re considering getting a new Radiant Heating System expertly installed in Manhattan, contact JPI Plumbing & Heating, Inc. of NY/NJ at (718) 727-9100. We offer a variety of amazing home heating options, and furnace services throughout Newark New Jersey, New York City, and surrounding areas.

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