Three reasons why you should opt for green plumbing solutions

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Three reasons why you should opt for green plumbing solutions

Do you know that New York City alone consumes more than one billion gallons of water per day! If you’re interested in contributing towards saving the environment, opt for green plumbing. With the right green plumbing solutions, you can improve on your daily carbon emissions and the money you spend on heating, cooling and water consumption. Transporting water to the denizens of the city isn’t easy. It requires infrastructure, treatment and proper testing. In fact, even the wasted water requires treatment before it is poured back into the environment..

Unlike, the city, a simple residential or commercial property does not need a full fledged infrastructure. Smart green plumbing solutions will reduce your energy costs and will give you amazing benefits. Here are a few advantages:

Reduction in overall water use

By incorporating green plumbing solutions in your home, you will enjoy warm water in your bathroom and kitchen within seconds. This reduces your water use and energy costs. A more efficient solution would be to install a tankless water heater!

Repairing the leaks

A quick identification and repair of all your plumbing leaks saves you a great deal of expenditure. Be it a dripping shower head, faucet or a leaky toilet, a single leak causes thousands of gallons per year to be wasted. Repairing these leaks will save you money and water. However, if you live in a historic New York home, you might need experts to come in for a thorough inspection in order to find the perfect solution for your home.

Upgrade fixtures

Another thing that you might need to do in order to reduce your carbon footprint is upgrade the old fixtures. A majority of people are installing low flow taps and faucets to reduce their water consumption without compromising on quality. While the old toilets required 4 gallons of water, the newer toilets use only a single gallon per flush. In fact, a single toilet reduces 70 percent of water consumption! Amazing, isn’t it?

At JPI Plumbing and Heating, Inc., our expert technicians have the skills and know how to preserve water supply, reduce costs and your carbon footprint. Thinking of installing green plumbing solutions in your residential and commercial property? Call our experts today!

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